E'eleh BeTamar

Hundreds of activists participate in E'eleh BeTamar activities across all of Israel. The focus is the dissemination of the Yemeni Jewish heritage in all its dimensions as part and parcel of the Jewish culture. Particular emphasis is placed on reaching the younger generations. E'eleh BeTamar encourages a diverse approach that will enrich Israel’s society. In addition to the academic books and personal stories published by E’eleh BeTamar conducts informational and cultural programming throughout Israel. Personal histories are collected, catalogued and published. To date, over 1,000 personal accounts have been recorded, focusing primarily on Jewish life in Yemen. Surf the site to find articles, pictures, video and audio clips illuminating the rich cultural and religious heritage of the Yemeni Jews.
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Welcome to E'eleh BeTamar Play

Welcome to E'eleh BeTamar

Browse, surf and begin to experience the rich cultural heritage of the Yemeni Jews.
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